Physiotherapy uses a holistic approach to promote and maintain proper physical function and activity in individuals.

There is a misconception that physiotherapy is used only after surgery or Fracture. Modern life is fast-paced and chocks a block full of needs, demands, deadlines, and hassles. Everyone is running after something in emergency mode. As a result, back pain, #KneePain, neck strains, etc. have become commonplace. People rely on all sorts of over-the-counter medications and PainKillers to relieve them.

However, they don’t think of visiting a Physiotherapist until the problem has aggravated.
Although you do not need a physiotherapist for every sprain and ache, you must pay a visit when you have any of the following conditions.

Our Pricing Plan

  • Dental Implant$45.00
  • Another Feature$50.00
  • Another Major Feature$55.00
  • Emergency Care$25.00
  • Prescription Drugs$30.00
  • Specialist Visits$20.00
  • Rheumatology$25.00