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Orthopedic ailments are painful. They require post-operative care too. At Prime Orthopedic and Spine Hospital, it is our honest attempt to help people recover from orthopedic injuries. We try to adopt different means to cure the orthopedic issue and surgeries are recommended only in critical cases.


Seek Immediate Medical Attention if:

  • Problems Walking
  • Loss of Control of the Bladder or Bowels
  • Pain, Pressure, and Stiffness in the Back or Neck Area
  • Inability to move the Arms or Legs


Seek Immediate Medical Attention if:

  • Hip Pain
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Inability to move the Legs
  • Numbness & Tingling
  • Clicking sound of Hip Joint


Seek Immediate Medical Attention if:

  • A Popping Noise at the time your knee was injured a joint that appears Deformed
  • Inability to Bear Weight
  • Sudden Swelling
  • Intense Pain

At Prime Orthopedic & Spine Hospital Its Our Effort To Make You Comfortable At The Earliest. Its Our Top Priority.

Our Treatment

Relieving Pain, Regaining Mobility

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    Dr. Rahul Parmar is always desirous of helping others. That is what makes him a compassionate healer. He understands the needs of the patients, connects with them on a deeper level and seldom worries about cost when it comes to providing treatment.

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    • Latest Technology
    • Best Experience Spine Surgeon
    • State of Art Hospital

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